Frequent Questions

Simple answers to your most common questions
I have a question that isn't answered here, who do I contact? Write us at, we'll get back to you right away! I'm having an issue with my game (app issues, I think something was scored wrong, etc.) Write us at, we'll get back to you right away! How do I play a Lineup Confidence Game? Every Lineup Confidence game will have a series of rounds (some may have only one round). Within each round, you will have a series of questions with two choices. Make your pick, and assign it a “confidence value” 1-5. The more confident you are, the higher the number you should assign to the question. You must use each of the numbers (1-5) an equal number of times. There are no negative penalties for incorrect guesses. Most points wins the round, most points over the course of all the rounds wins the game. How do I play a Lineup Daily Fantasy Game? Each game will have a series of rounds, a certain number of players you need to select for your team for the round, and a set of scoring rules for the game. Select the lineup you think will score the most points according to the scoring rules of your game. Most points wins. Can I play in a league with just my friends? Yes. The league commissioner can create a password protected league and invite friends via email or the “invite friends” feature in LineUp. Can I play a game with strangers? Yes. You can join any public non-password protected league, or you can create your open league as a commissioner and play against any user of the site. If you want us to publicize a game and get people on board, send us a note at and we’ll put the word out! If I forget to make picks for a given round, what happens? You should not do this. But if you do for a Daily Fantasy Sports game, you will receive zero points for that week. Confidence games are set up so that if you miss picks, you are awarded whatever the low score of that week was. Is this legal? Daily Fantasy Sports are illegal in the following states: Hawaii, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, Nevada, Iowa, Louisiana, Alabama and Delaware. If you are physically located in one of these states and trying to play Daily Fantasy Sports on this site, you are in violation of the law. For Confidence Games, please check the local gaming laws of your state. How are payments handled? League entry fees can be paid for with either a debit or credit card. LineUpConfidence will pay out winners via PayPal or personal check. You can request a payout of your account balance at any time. As always, if you have any issues email us at and we’ll get you sorted right away. Is there a difference between the app and the website? Currently, the LineUp Confidence app is only for entering selections in Confidence Games. In order to create a game, join a league, or play Daily Fantasy Sports games, you must use the website, Can I create my own games? Game creation is what it’s all about! Users have the ability to create a wide variety of games. When you click on the 'Create Game' icon in the left menu bar, there is a further set of game creation instructions. Be sure to scroll over the questions to the left of each game creation criteria for more information on this process. If you have any questions about how to create a game or want us to get the word out to the LineUp community about a game you’ve created, please reach out to us at and we’ll spread the word. If I don't see 'matches' for the current week, what should I do? You should receive an email when 'matches' for a round are set. If, after receiving this email, you still cannot see or make your picks, try refreshing the page. If that doesn't work, you can use our email chain feature to get in touch with other people in your league to see if they are having the same issue as you. And, as always, you can reach out to us at to sort out any remaining issues. If I win a money league, how do I collect my winnings? After signing in, click on the 'ACCOUNT' icon on the top menu bar. Here it will show your balance on the site. Click on 'Collect Winnings'. This will automatically send us an email stating that you, the user, are requesting a payout. We will then send a congratulatory email back to this user asking if they prefer to be paid via PayPal or a personal check. PayPal requests will be processed within 72 hours while checks withdrawals will take 7-10 business days.