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Create and join daily fantasy games or confidence pools about any sport you can think of.


Use LineUp to make predictions about reality TV, award ceremonies, or your favorite weekly drama.

Personal Games

Got a golf outing or bachelor party game coming up? Create a LineUp game for it.

Confidence Games

How confident are you? Pick a side in an either/or question and assign it a confidence value 1-5. The more confident you are, the higher the number you can assign and more points you can earn. Get it wrong, though, and you get zero points. Highest score across all questions wins. We’re running games year-round for every sport you can imagine, the Oscars, Game of Thrones, The Bachelor, and more. Got an idea for a game? Start your own!

Daily Fantasy Sports Games

You’re probably familiar with daily fantasy sports. Draft a new team and have a chance to win every week. But what if you could tally weekly scores and have both weekly payouts and a season-long payout? What if you could customize your own games and scoring systems? What if you could create daily fantasy games for the summer movie release schedule? Or reality TV shows? Enter: LineUp Daily Fantasy. A customizable daily fantasy interface where you and your friends can play for whatever stakes you want, about whatever you want.

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